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When customers approach the luce x2 touch TV, a smiley face icon appears on the screen and mirrors their mood back at them, recognizing whether they’re smiling, frowning or otherwise. Their first impression might be that it’s a clever, even charming gimmick.
But they soon discover that the luce x2 touch TV, designed and manufactured by Rheavendors and recently introduced to great acclaim in England by partner Smart Vend Solutions, is quite simply the most sophisticated vending machine ever built.
It is equipped with a dynamic interface, on-line services and facial recognition technology, and its eye-catching design with a 22″ LCD touchscreen monitor immediately captures the attention of passers-by. The latest facial recognition software means, among other things, that the machine can greet the user personally and offer to reproduce previously selected custom beverages.


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Here are just some of its extraordinary features:

– Choice of up to 64 (!) coffee shop quality beverage variations
– 22″ LCD touchscreen
– Facial recognition technology
– On-screen advertising
– Telemetric assistance
– Multiple energy-saving features
– Personalized beverages
– Online library of shared media content (videos, images, photos) that can be used on the screen
– Data analysis software that processes all data recorded by the machine when in operation
– Safe and secure personal data
– Double opt-in for name and photo storage
– Clear and intuitive interface
– Smartphone payment

The possible applications of luce x2 touch TV are countless.

It can be programmed, for example, to deny tobacco to underage customers, or to remember which customers are lactose intolerant or diabetic.

A gym could program the machine to help members trying to diet by suggesting the healthiest alternatives, or it could be connected to a retailer’s loyalty points system, or to the room numbers in a hotel.

In short, this is a ground-breaking tool that could have huge implications for automated catering.

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