luce x snac touchTV

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Like luce x2 touch TV, the snack version features a 22-inch dynamic touchscreen interface that can be used for a variety of purposes, from carrying marketing and advertising campaigns to serving as an electronic notice board. Management of the multimedia content and product configuration is extremely simple, and the graphic interface can be updated remotely. It even periodically checks for updates from a server and downloads them automatically.

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Best Seller || laRhea Grande V+ || Trend & Traditie
Espresso machine met capacitieve bediening en barista kwaliteit dankzij de bejubelde V+ techniek. Na de laatste termijnbetaling volledig uw eigendom.
En u leest het goed, al vanaf € 1,90 per dag! 

Vraag onze sales crew naar alle details over deze aanbieding.
Telefoon: 033 2053030
Mobiel: 06-50241958