rheavendors: guiding manufacturing into the knowledge economy

Legally speaking, know-how is intellectual property, something to be protected. But that’s what patents are for, and though rheavendors holds a great number of them, we don’t locate our know-how in individual inventions. We prefer to think of it as our moral heritage, an accumulation of experience and judgment that is meant not to be guarded but passed on and shared. Know-how is also the collective knowledge and skills of our people, along with our acute awareness that they are people and not ‘human resources’, as business jargon would have it. And know-how is above all imagination, which rheavendors has always cultivated from that moment more than 50 years ago when Aldo Majer chose to convert his automotive foundry into a vending machine business.
In the words of Albert Einstein, «imagination is more important than knowledge. For while ʻknowledgeʼ defines all we currently know and understand, imagination points to all we might yet discover and create.»
There is much that rheavendors has already discovered and created, and much more to come. This is our know-how, and we have no intention of keeping it to ourselves.

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