sustainability, social responsibility and worker’s rights

Sustainability is a word for the ethic of operating in the present in a way that will not negatively impact on the future. It’s basic good manners and consideration for others at the corporate level, which is what rheavendors has always practiced from the outset. Working in full compliance with EU environmental regulations is only one aspect of the approach to a sustainable future.
In 2008 rheavendors group created a Statement of Social Accountability Policy, to bring structure and visibility to programs that already existing in the company. With this Statement rheavendors group commits to respect the principles of international labour standard – job security, work conditions, right to a dignified salary and to health and safety in the workplace – and to constant improvement.

The commitment to reduced environmental impact involves all value chain, rheavendors group carefully considers the product’s shelf life, from the initial design to the waste:
– by designing more efficient vending machines;
– by checking and minimizing the environmental impact of the manufacturing processes;
– by implementing the choice of materials and resources that can be reused.
– by trying to reduce weights and dimensions of machines, in order to optimise packaging.
rheavendors group, with its supply chain, assures that materials comply with Rohs Directives (2002/95/CE) and Reach (2006/121/CE).
The company complies to WEEE directive, that regulates storage, recycling and recovery of  electrical and electronic equipments.

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